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Bituminous Materials
At KOF International, we produce a wide range of Bituminous Materials. Our Tarmacadam and Asphalt complies with the requirements of the National Roads Authority Specification for Road Works. Our Tarmacadam specifically complies with BS 4987 and our Asphalt to BS 594. We offer a wide range of Bituminous Products which include Dense Tarmacadam Base, Dense Binder Course, Surface Course, Rolled Asphalt Surface Course and Thin Surface Course Systems.

Our high P.S.V. pre-coated chippings are used nationwide. We can produce these Pre-coated Chippings at relatively short notice and can deliver to any location.

Bituminous Material from Kellys of Fantane

Bituminous Material from Kellys of Fantane

Our bituminous material is produced in an automated plant. Our Tar plant is capable of producing up to 200 ton per hour of Tarmacadam and up to 100 ton per hour of Asphalt. We have 750 tonnes of hot storage which is a vital component when servicing early morning projects. This storage also means that a number of different bituminous mixes can be stored at our plant at any one time.
We have a large fleet of trucks, both rigid and artic which are used to transport the hot Bituminous Material. All these vehicles are insulated and covered to maintain the required temperatures until laying of the material commences.

All of the Aggregates used to make our Macadam and Asphalt materials are processed in our Quarry.
The Aggregates used are High PSV Aggregates which are essential for Wearing Course, this means that our Stone wears slowly and therefore maintains it’s skid resistance for longer than traditional Limestone Macadam.

We also supply and lay Bituminous Materials Nationwide. We operate in the midlands and south of the country. Some of our customers include North and South Tipperary Co. Co., Laois Co.Co., Offaly Co.Co. and Cork Co.Co. as well as a number of Civil Engineering firms.

Some of our more notable projects include :
The Cashel by-pass which was completed seven months ahead of schedule.

Asphalt Contractors - Kellys of Fantane Ireland

Asphalt Contractors – Kellys of Fantane Ireland

The Nenagh by-pass and link road.
Resurfacing the N8 in North Tipperary and Laois.
The N7 in Offaly and North Tipperary.

We also pave housing estates and industrial areas.

We also supply and lay Wet-Mix Macadam and Clause 804 which are non Bituminous Bound Materials

Concrete Blocks

Our Concrete Block batching plant is capable of producing up to 7 million blocks per year This ensures that our customers needs are met. The batching plant is fully automated and computerized, ensuring consistency of each batch. Staff at our block production plant are highly experienced and are committed to producing high quality Concrete Blocks at all times.

Types of Concrete Blocks we manufacture

Standard Concrete Blocks
Our standard Concrete blocks are suitable for all general building projects, from the small extension to the large industrial project.
We manufacture both solid and hollow standard Concrete Blocks.

Concrete Blocks Supplied from Kellys of Fantane Quarries

Concrete Blocks Supplied from Kellys of Fantane Quarries

High Strength Concrete Blocks
When concrete blocks are required to carry greater loads, we can provide High Strength Concrete Blocks with crushing strengths of up to 21N/mm2.

Special Concrete Blocks
We also manufacture Concrete Clocks of different shapes and sizes.

Ready Mix  Concrete Delivered By Kellys of Fantane Quarries Tipperary


Kellys of Fantane Quarries can deliver Ready Mix Concrete to projects of all sizes, from major civil engineering projects to house builders, farms, wind turbines, domestic driveways and DIY projects.

At KOF International, we produce Ready‐Mix Concrete to the highest possible standard. We supply this concrete to projects of all types and sizes. Our Readymixed Concrete complies with the requirements of I.S. EN 206‐1 : Specification, Production and Conformity and also BS 8500, Parts 1 and 2. We are also certified to produce concrete for grant aided agricultural projects.

The constituent materials used to make our concrete comply with the following standard specifications :

Readymix Deliveries by Kellys of Fantane Quarries Tipperary

Readymix Concrete Deliveries by Kellys of Fantane Quarries Tipperary

The Cement (CEM II) complies with the requirements of EN 197-1.

The Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) complies with I.S. EN 15167-1.

The carefully selected and processed Aggregates comply with the requirements of EN 12620.

All of the Aggregate used in our concrete mixes are mined from our Quarries in Tipperary.

The Water Reducing Admixture complies with the requirements of EN 934.

The Mix Water complies with the requirements of EN 1008.

When batching our Concrete, the above constituents (or part of) are mixed in one of our two state of the art wet‐batch mixers. Both mixers are capable of producing up to 600 cubic meters of Concrete per day. These mixers are operated by our highly competent and skilled staff. The batching personnel call up the mix design as ordered by our customer. The plant control software used in the batching process hold all the Concrete mix design data which have been acquired through extensive mix trails carried out by our experienced laboratory staff.

The Aggregates are added to the mixer first, then the cement and finally the water and any admixtures used in that particular mix. When the mixing process is complete, the door of the mixer is opened and the batch of concrete is discharged through a chute into the ready‐mix lorry below.

The lorry keeps the concrete agitated while in transit to the site.

The batching process in both plants is fully automated. Should any problems arise during the batching process, our staff are immediately alerted through the built‐in alarms systems which monitor every part of the process.

With a fleet of 8 Ready Mix lorries, which includes two artic lorries, an efficient and reliable service is always guaranteed.We will deliver the concrete to your site efficiently and safely, ensuring your project is not held up in any way.

We also offer a conveyor service, which can help to deliver Readymix Concrete to access restricted areas or through narrow passageways. We currently have three conveyor trucks in our fleet.


Quarry Products

At KOF International, we produce a variety of Quarry Products. The various grades and sizes are the product of our quarrying processes.

The Quarrying process begins with the explosives company carrying out an in-depth

Quarries in Tipperary, Road Construction Company Ireland

KOF International Quarry Machinery

survey of the quarry face. Shot holes are drilled into the area to be blasted. Explosives are placed into these holes. After denotation of the explosives, stockpiles of large rock are deposited onto the Quarry floor. This rock is transported to the primary Crusher. Our primary Crusher is a jaw Crusher. This Crusher is used in the first stage of crushing to reduce the blasted rock to a size that can be processed by the secondary Crusher. The Crushed rock from the primary Crusher is conveyed onto the primary stockpile. The secondary crusher is fed from this stockpile. The rock from the secondary crusher is conveyed onto a multi-deck screen. This multi-deck system screens out small Crushed rock and dust into a separate stockpile. The larger size rock is conveyed to the tertiary Crushing operations where they are fed through a series of Cone Crushers and multi-deck screens.

The result of all this crushing and screening are several different aggregate products that comply with our customer requirements and the requirements of the National Roads Authority Specification For Road Works.